House Rules

As a resident of S.O.F. Recovery House supportive living environment, I understand and agree to the following:

1. I will not possess any drugs, alcohol, or mood altering substances.

  • This includes ‘non-alcoholic’ beer or wine.
    • House manager must be notified in writing of any prescription medications. Mouthwash or medications with alcohol are not allowed. Only over-the-counter medication that is on the “Safe List” may be used.
    • Residents must store all medications in a lock-box and a spare key must be given to the house manager. Sharing of medications with other residents is not allowed.

2. I will agree to take random drug/alcohol tests when requested by S.O.F. Recovery staff. Refusal or failure to take the test immediately, or a positive test, will result in immediate dismissal from S.O.F. Recovery with a recommendation for a higher level of care.

  • Alcohol or drug use is grounds for immediate termination of the right to remain in the S.O.F. Recovery program, at which time a recommendation for a higher level of care will be made.

3. No drug-related paraphernalia of any kind is allowed. This includes hookahs, rolling papers, etc.

4. If transitioning from a treatment facility, I agree to follow all of their aftercare recommendations including but not limited to aftercare group meetings, therapy, etc.

5. S.O.F. Recovery Staff should be notified anytime there are concerns or questions about yourself, your roommates or the living environment. We are here to support you.

6. I agree that I will not participate in another community member’s disease by keeping secrets about chemical use, rule violations, or destructive behaviors. I further agree to notify S.O.F. Recovery staff if I suspect any of the above. I understand that failure to do so may result in my discharge.

7. Cell phone use is prohibited during any S.O.F. Recovery group, meeting, or activity.  S.O.F. Recovery Staff reserves the right to confiscate cell phones if they become detrimental to recovery progress.

8. I agree to attend one 12 step meeting daily for the first 90 days of my stay at S.O.F. Recovery and I agree to comply with the documentation of such. I understand that after 90 days I may step down to 5 meetings/week, but that I am never to attend less than that during my stay at S.O.F. Recovery House.

9. I agree to see my treating physician or therapist at least twice monthly for the first 90 days of my stay at S.O.F. Recovery.

10. I agree to have a “temporary sponsor” within 2 weeks of admission at S.O.F. Recovery whose name should be given to S.O.F. Recovery manager. Residents are expected to have regular contact with a sponsor, including weekly meetings.  Resident’s names and phone numbers will be listed on the house white board along with their corresponding sponsor/phone number.

11. I will work, attend school, or do a combination of these things, which consist of a full day’s activities (40 hours/week). Recovery will be my #1 priority above all else (work, relationships, etc.).

  • Residents are encouraged to seek employment during normal, daytime hours (9-5).
    • Residents are expected to have employment or a full time work schedule (minimum 30 hours) within 30 days of admission to S.O.F. Recovery

12. Each S.O.F. Recovery residence is expected to eat dinner together a minimum of once/week.

13. Residents are expected to be out of bed by 9 a.m. and out of the residence from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. during the normal work week (Monday – Friday) unless otherwise cleared with staff

14. I agree to abide by curfew:

Sunday-Thursday 11:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday nights 12:30 a.m.

NOTE: Staff should be contacted immediately if a resident is late.

15. I understand that I am not allowed to acquire piercings or tattoos during my stay at S.O.F. Recovery

16. S.O.F. Recovery has a strict gender restriction policy; residents are not allowed to interact with the opposite gender until they have been at S.O.F. Recovery for 90 days.

Residents may interact with the opposite gender only in groups following the 90-day anniversary at S.O.F. Recovery.

17. I agree not to date for the first six months that I’m a member of the S.O.F. Recovery community.

18. If I am a resident in a committed relationship prior to admittance at S.O.F. Recovery, I understand that contact or visits with spouse or significant others must be approved by S.O.F. Recovery staff.

19. I understand that violence, or threats of violence, emotional or physical will not be tolerated and are grounds for immediate dismissal and possible legal action.

20. I will not bring weapons into the community – including stored in a vehicle.

21. S.O.F. Recovery Staff reserves the right to search personal property at any time while I am a resident at S.O.F. Recovery

22. I understand that I am not to spend the night alone in the residence.

23. Members of the opposite sex are not allowed in the recovery residence, unless they are relatives. I will clear any visitors to the residence with my roommates. Overnight guests outside of the S.O.F. Recovery community are not permitted.

24. I agree to let someone in my community and/or Staff know where I am at all times. Each residence has a dry erase board for residents to sign out/in and/or via telephone calls to S.O.F Recovery staff.

25. I will, at all times, respect the other members of the house in regard to noise, eating, cleaning personal space, personal possessions and common living areas.

26. I understand that each residence is a working environment and that I will be expected to assist in the daily activities required to allow the home to run smoothly. This means that I will be responsible for helping with the chores and housekeeping duties. I will be expected to do my fair share. Each community is encouraged to devise a cleaning schedule/ division of labor in their community meetings.

27. I understand that my bedroom is to be clean and my bed made every day.

28. Trash is to be taken out every day.

29. I understand that residences are subject to inspections, and that failure to maintain a clean living environment may ultimately result in my dismissal.

30. No sleeping on the couches.

31. No storage space is available at S.O.F. Recovery beyond what can fit in one’s drawers or closet.

32. I will be fully dressed in the common areas at all times.

33. S.O.F. Recovery is NOT responsible for losses or theft of personal property, including: money, jewelry, clothing, etc. Stealing will result in immediate termination and possible legal action.

34. S.O.F. Recovery cannot be responsible for items remaining at the house after a resident has left the program for any reason. Every reasonable effort will be made to safeguard these items for a period of 48 hours, at which time they will be donated to the house or another charity.

35. At no time am I allowed in another resident’s room, for any reason! All conversations, activities, visiting, etc. is to be done in the common areas. There are no exceptions. If I do not live in a particular room, I do not go there.

36. I agree not to lend money, cars, and/or jewelry to my peers. Sharing of personal computers must be approved by S.O.F. Recovery staff.

37. Residents are responsible for their own keys and gate cards/clickers. Please see Staff for replacement keys. Replacement of house or room keys will be $5.00, cards/clickers will be charged per the price enforced by S.O.F. Recovery (could be $25 or more).

38. I understand that smoking is only allowed on the outside patio areas. Residents who smoke must keep the patio areas clean at all times. Smoking towers must be kept clean and emptied regularly.

39. No tobacco products may be used inside the house, including chewing tobacco, snuff, or electronic cigarettes.

40. Written pass requests must be submitted during community meeting times and must be approved in writing before a pass transpires.

41. I will not go into environments such as bars, lounges, etc.

42. I will not go into Adult Entertainment Establishments, which include but not limited to strip clubs, massage parlors, sex shops, etc.

43. Rock concerts are not allowed before six months sobriety date. ALL concerts must be cleared with S.O.F. Recovery staff.

44. I agree not to gamble in any form.

45. I understand that pornographic materials are not allowed in the residences this includes but is not limited to the Internet pornography sites, magazines, video materials, etc.

46. I understand that occult materials (to include Ouija boards, séances, tarot cards, etc.) are not allowed in the residences.

47. Use of the telephone for “sex” phone calls is forbidden.

48. Computers are allowed at S.O.F. Recovery. I understand that I must conduct my activities appropriately and that S.O.F. Recovery inspects my computer at any time.

  • Going to chat rooms is not allowed.
    • Viewing/downloading pornography is not allowed.
    • Illegal downloading from the Internet is prohibited.

49. No pets.

50. No halogen lamps, candles, or incense.

51. All laundry must be finished by 11:00 p.m.

52. When I move out of S.O.F. Recovery, I will leave a clean space for the next person, i.e. vacuum, etc.